Basic Motorcycle Maintenance

It is important to anyone owning a motorcycle to know the basics of motorcycle repairs, some of which can be useful in cases when the rider is stranded on the roadside. Without having to wait for help to arrive, the rider can apply the basics. It can also help to cut down the costs of ownership. Motorcycles generally need more maintenance than a car.

Basic Regular Checks

It is a good habit to check several of the motorcycle components regularly. The most important checks include:

  • Lights and indicators should be checked regularly.
  • Check the pressure of the tyres, preferably with a gauge
  • Brake pads should be inspected regularly for wear.
  • The level of the remaining brake fluid should be checked, and all the brake fluid should ideally be changed once per year.


Use only manufacturer stated oil to have a smooth and stable performance and to increase longevity. Other Fluids like the coolant should also be checked regularly. Replace the shaft drive oil every time the motor oil is changed. Check for damages on the fuel filter to replace them, otherwise replace them after every two years.

Chain and Spark Plugs

Chain slack should be about one inch to avoid tension with the wheels. The chain should ideally be lubricated after each ride, while it is still warm, to enable the chain to absorb the lube. Always use kerosene to clean the chain.

Spark plugs can wear off if they get dirty. So, it is important to inspect the condition of the plugs once in awhile. Spark plugs are cheap, and replacing them can give new life to the motorcycle, ensuring that the engine will run smoothly. Don’t over-tighten the plugs when inserting them.

Of course, there can be a number of other problems springing up from time to time. If there are any particular concerns, then maybe a mechanic at a workshop should be consulted.

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