Safety on Motorcycles

Motorcycles are not exactly the safest way to travel, but this does not mean that accidents are bound to happen. It is possible to ride without injuries, if the rider prepares for the risks and knows how to avoid them.

Controlling the Power

The performance of today’s bikes may be surprising to older bikers, and people who haven’t been riding motorcycles for a while. It is therefore, important to take it easy in the beginning, while getting familiarized with any new model.

Consider Safety when Buying

Safety starts from the point when the rider is buying a bike. It is necessary to buy a bike the fits the rider when seated, with both feet able to touch the ground flat. A smaller model with a 250 to 300 cc engine is mostly recommended for starters

Buying a brand new motorcycle may cost a little extra. But it could turn out to be a good investment, since they are equipped with a lot of safety features that would not be included on vintage bikes, such as ABS brakes. Getting a bike with an anti lock brakes could save the rider from crashing on slippery roads.

Protective Gear

One of the most important things to remember to stay safe on a motorcycle is to always wear a helmet. If a rider crashes without a helmet, then there’s every tendency the person will suffer a brain injury. A full face helmet offers most protection.

Reinforced jacket, full pants, over-the-ankle footwear, and gloves should also be worn while riding. There is even protective gear that allows ventilation in hot weather. Since sunglasses will not provide enough protection for the eyes, helmet visor or goggles are advised.

Before the Ride

A thorough check of the motorcycle should always be conducted before a ride. The rider should also limit the speed according to speed limits and abilities. Inexperienced riders should avoid riding in bad weather. And obviously any person riding a motorcycle must stay away from alcohol and other substances that can impede the judgement and coordination.

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