Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

When considering buying a motorcycle, there are many factors to consider. One of the first things, is deciding on what motorcycle class will be the best choice. There are several motorcycle classes available, including cruiser bikes, touring bikes and racing bikes. Once the motorcycle class has been picked, there are still a few more choices to make.

Level of Experience

There are no exact specifications for a beginners bike, but there are some basic guidelines to help a an inexperienced rider choose properly, including:

  • Engine size: For a new rider, 250cc may be the best choice. It can make the learning process smoother, and a bike with a small engine will significantly reduce the risk of accidents. A high performance bike, like 500cc and upwards, is usually not for a new rider.
  • Body size/Motorcycle size: The seat should never too low or too high. Using a low seat can cause the steering to be difficult and a high seat might be inconvenient.

New or Used

The budget will of course have an impact on whether to buy a brand new bike or a used one. Used motorcycles will be cheaper, but can also come with unexpected future repair costs. The following checklist can, if used properly, reduce the risk associated with buying a used motorcycle:

  • Check that the engine starts easily and runs smoothly
  • Check that the odometer reading seems genuine.
  • Check Maintenance and service records
  • Check the motorcycle for rust, scratches and wears.
  • Check the the chain has appropriate slack
  • Check that the discs for the breaks are clean and smooth

Regardless if a brand new or a used bike is chosen, it is important to check how easy it is to find spare parts for the particular model, and how these are priced. Finally, make sure to also pick up protective gear when buying a motorcycle.

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